June 18, 2019

The Nashua Board of Aldermen approved a $317 million operating budget for the City of Nashua, including $112 million operating budget for the Nashua School District, at its June 12 meeting.

The following highlights added school resources funded with the 2.34% increase over last year's budget:
  • Four (4) ELL Teachers (funded through a City of Nashua contingency fund)
  • One (1) Special Education Behavior Para-educator
  • Four (4) Para-educators for kindergarten
  • One (1) Teacher of the Deaf
  • Two (2) School Psychologist interns
  • Funds for Out-of-District placements for Special Education students
  • Additional 10 hours of clerical support for Brentwood Program at Nashua
  • Tourniquets for each school, as advised for student/staff safety

In addition, the budget increase funds essential technology intrastructure (new core switch and wireless controller), physical plant supplies and equipment, a shared grant writer with the City of Nashua, software to replace T-Eval, added communications resources, legal services and New Hampshire School Board Association (NHSBA) membership.

Superintendent Jahmal Mosley and Chief Operating Officer Daniel Donovan initiated budget season last January with a presentation to the Nashua Board of Education Budget Committee. Click here to review the presentation. Since then and after much discussion and consideration, Dr. Mosley amended his recommendations and at the March 14 BOE Budget Committee hearing for the public made the following recommendations for a 2.43% increase, bringing the proposed total operating budget to $112,015,068: please click here to view the amended list of recommendations. 

At the Wednesday, March 20 Budget Committee meeting, members voted 8-1 to approve Dr. Mosley's proposed operating budget at the 2.43% increased level.

Initially, Dr. Mosley recommended a 2.92% increase in the operating budget, which brought his proposed total operating budget for the upcoming school year to $112,546,590.

To review the schedule of Nashua Board of Education budget committee meetings held during the development process, click here 

Administrators provide Committee members with documents and data related to budget expenditures and to general information about the school district. Please click here to review compiled budget documents and data, published ongoing as soon as it is available.

In addition, as an integral part of the budget development process, the following administrators presented to the Budget Committee on their department's budget needs. Click below to view their presentations.

Department of Athletics
          NSD Budget Form FY2020
Office of Curriculum and Assessment
           NSD Budget Form FY2020
Department of Special Education
          NSD Budget Form FY2020
Department of Student Services and ELL
          NSD Budget Form FY2020
Department of Technology
          NSD Budget Form FY2020
Department of Transportation
          NSD Budget Form FY2020
Nashua Technology Center
          NSD Budget Form FY2020