Nashua School District
Board Budget Notebook
Fiscal Year 2020

Table of Contents

1. Administration FY2020 Budget Overview
          a. Schedule of budget committee meetings as of January 2019
                      Revised Schedule as of March 2019
          b. 1.30.2019 budget presentation
          c. 12.18.2018 Communication from Mayor
          d. FY20 Budget Analysis
2. Currently Budgeted Positions
          a. Teachers/by school/type (regular, SPED, reading etc.)
          b. Para-educators by location
          c. Guidance by school/ratios
          d. Administrators by school/ratios
          e. Secretaries by school/location
          f. Custodial by position/location
          g. Budgeted positions (operating budget FTEs)           
3. Non-Personnel Costs
          a. Transportation budget detail
          b. Plant Operations
          c. FY20 Plant Operations budget build
          d. FY20 Plant Operations equipment request
          e. FY20-FY25 Capital Improvement Needs (Presentation to CIC 1/28/19)
          f. FY20 and beyond deferred maintenance and construction detail
          g. School-by-school budget allocations
          h. FY20 Capital equipment reserve fund (City equipment replacement plan)
          i. FY20 Utility projections
4. Curriculum & Professional Development
          a. 2019-2020 Kindergarten Enrollment totals (2/15/19)
          b. Kindergarten Teacher/Para-educators
          c. Frontline Learning Management NH Customer List
          d. Instructional Materials FY19
          e. Title IV Part A - Student and Academic Enrichment Grants
          f. FY20 Budget Overview
          g. Instructional Materials K-12, Expenditures/Projected Costs
5. Technology
          a. Prior Infrastructure Improvements - Access Point Deployment FMS
          h. Inventory of Chromebooks at All Schools vs Students
6. Special Education
          a. Special Education students by primary disability
          b. Out-of-District placement as of January 2019
          c. Request for 2 additional phychologist interns 
          d. Request for additional teacher of the deaf (TOD)
          e. Request for additional para-educator for the Behavior Specialist Team
          f. Request for 2 additional sign language (ASL) interpreters at NHS South
          g. Request for increase of 10 hours of secretarial support at Brentwood Academy
          h. Request for increase for Board-certified behavior Analyst (BCBA) from .3 to 1.0
          i. Request for special education head teacher stipends at FMS and PMS
          j. Request for additional .6 speech language pathologist (SLP)
          k. Request for para-educator at Brentwood Academy
          l. Out-of-District tuition costs analysis
7. English Language Learners
          a. 2018-2019 teacher ratios (updated)
8. Athletics
          a. Nashua Athletics Organizational Chart
          b. Nashua Athletic Programs
          c. High school participation history 2009-2018
          d. Budget summary by location and by account
          e. Summary of coach stipends from teachers' contract
          f. Coach stipends by sport 2019-2020
          g. Rentals
          h. Transportation by sport 2019-2020
          i. Officials by sport 2019-2020
          j. Athletic user fee information
          k. User fee history - budget vs actual through FY2018
          l. User fee data 2015-2016
          m. User fee data 2016-2017
          n. User fee data 2017-2018
          o. User fee data 2018-2019 through Feb 12, 2019
          p. Future planning
          q. Cost per pupil
9. Career and Technical Education
          a. CTE brochure
          b. Executive summary for Perkins
          c. Region 16 CTE programs available to Nashua students at Alvirne
          d. Dual enrollment, certification, DOL apprenticeship handout
          e. CTE program enrollment and demographic data
          f. Advanced CTE Perkins 5 Major Tenets
          g. Recent articles/letters
          h. 2018-2019 Teacher ratios (7A)
          i. Celebrations 
10. Physical Environment for Learning
          a. Elementary class size spreadsheet (current/projections)
11. Enrollment Projections
          a. Official October 1, 2018 count
          b. Non-public school enrollments (2018-2019)
12. Budget Documents
          a. Summary by commodity code
          b. Budget detail
          c. Personnel detail
          d. 3-year actual by commodity code
13. Title Grant Budgets
          a. Activities funded by IDEA
          b. Activities funded by Perkins
          c. Activities funded by Title III
          d. Activities funded by Title I
14. Special Revenue Funds/Grant Funds/Revenues
          a. School reserve balances