At its June 29, 2016 meeting, the Nashua Board of Education approved an operating budget of $104,684,156 for the upcoming school year, fiscal year 2017 that begins July 1, 2016. The Board-approved budget increases the District's total operating budget by 2.25%.

Earlier in the budget development process at the April 13, 2016 meeting, the Board of Education approved an operating budget of $105,123,035, an increase to the total operating budget by 2.68%. The proposed operating budget was forwarded to Mayor James Donchess and the Nashua Board of Aldermen for review. At the June 28, 2016 Board of Aldermen meeting, the Board of Aldermen accepted the Mayor's budget recommendation for the District at a 2.25% maximum increase. Consequently, the Board of Education needed to reduce its proposed budget by $438,879 to meet the bottom line. Most of the reductions were new items in the budget so in the end no further reductions in existing personnel beyond what had been approved already by the Board of Education was necessary. Please click here for a list of the additional reductions approved at the June 29, 2016 meeting.

To bring you up to date with the changes to Superintendent Mark Conrad's proposed operating budget, which he outlined in late January, all motions the Board Budget Committee voted on over the course of the operating budget development process this spring are posted; please click here for those motions.

In addition,
click here for the most recent overview of the budget development process, which was presented at a public hearing on March 16, 2016 by Mr. Conrad and Chief Operating Officer Daniel Donovan.

BOE Budget Committee Meeting Schedule
Superintendent Mark Conrad consolidated pertinent budget information and data in the Nashua School District FY 2017 Board Budget Process notebook, which was distributed to each member of the Nashua Board of Education on Wednesday, January 27, 2016 at a Board Budget Committee meeting. At that meeting, Superintendent Conrad presented his recommendation for the FY 2017 operating budget.

For convenient reference, notebook content is posted below as it becomes available over the course of the budget development season. If you have questions, please email your questions to:

Note section 15 of the notebook below, which links to information generated by District staff members in response to questions from members of the Nashua Board of Education.

Board Budget Process Notebook
Table of Contents
1. Three-Year Budget Priorities
       a. Three-year budget priority listing

2. FY 2017 Budget Overview
       a. Schedule of budget committee meetings
       b. Budget overview presentation
       c. Budget Commodity Code Analysis

3. Personnel Proposals & Costs
       a. Budget changes & justifications (narrative)
       b. Budgeted positions (operating budget FTEs)
       c. Summary of position additions & reductions FY 2010-FY 2016
       d. Transfer of positions from Title II grant to operating budget
       e. Retirees and severance costs by fiscal year
       f.  FY 2017 projected severance costs
       g. Elementary principal funding
       h. Guidance counselor staffing ratios
       i.  Elementary administrator costs
       j. Para-Educator Positions by Location and Type
       k. Projected Possible Reduction in Elementary Teachers per ED306

4. Non-personnel Proposals & Costs
       a. FY 2017 school budget allocations
           school budget allocations with supplemental
       b. Transportation budget detail
       c. Utilities budget detail
           Utilities budget detail (revised 2.17.2016)
       d. Plant Operations budget detail
              Budget Build
              Equipment Priorities
              Proposed FY17 Major Repairs
        e. NSD Vehicle Inventory
        f.  NSD Construction Plan

5. Curriculum & Professional Development
       a. Projected curriculum budget 2016-2017
       b. Textbook/resource replacement schedule
       c. Naviance Pricing Comparison
       d. 2016-2017 i-Ready Pricing Information

6. Technology
       a. Technology readiness timeline
       b. Technology budget overview
       c. Document camera inventory
7. Special Education
       a. Special education expenditure comparisons
       b. Special education student census by primary disability
       c. Out-of-District by Disability
           Out-of-District by School and Disability
           Out-of-District Placements and Costs
       d. Special Education Preschool Class Sizes
       e. Out-of-District Tuition Cost Analysis

8. Other Programs & Information
       a. Summer school enrollment 2015
           Summer school enrollment over time
       b. Athletics budget detail
       c. ELL enrollments over time
           ELL 18-Year Growth Pattern with Active and Monitored Status
       d. ELL enrollments by school
       e. CTE area student enrollments
       f.  Assignment of ELL Teachers & Para-educators
       g. 2016 Summer Programs

9. Class Sizes
       a. Elementary class size spreadsheet
       b. Middle school class size spreadsheet
       c. High school class size spreadsheet

10. Enrollment Projections
       a. Official October 1, 2015 Count
       b. Private school enrollment
           Charter school enrollment
       c. Enrollment projections (by NRPC)

11. Budget Documents
       a. Costs by program
       b. Summary by commodity code
           Summary by commodity code (revised format)
       c. Budget detail
       d. Personnel detail
       e. Historical appropriations

12. Title Grant Budgets
       a. Title I salary & benefit charts
       b. Title II budget
       c. Title II positions

13. Special Revenue Funds/Grant Funds
       a. Special revenue funds budget detail by fund
            (Athletics funds only with uniform replacement schedule)
       b. Reserve balances

14. Revenues
       a. FY 2017 proposed revenues (with prior year comparisons)

15. Additional Information in Response to Questions from BOE Members
      11.02.2015 Appropriations and Revenues
      02.19.2016 Miscellaneous
      03.04.2016 Miscellaneous
      03.09.2016 Miscellaneous
      03.09.2016 Miscellaneous
      03.31.2016 Status of BOE Budget Questions/Requests