Dottie2-(3).jpgDotty Oden and her husband Gary have lived in Nashua for the past 30 years. They have two children who both graduated from Nashua Senior High School and have two grandchildren.

Dotty taught for ten years in Connecticut after earning her Bachelor of Arts in elementary education in 1969 from the former Gorham State College, now the University of Southern Maine. During her time in Connecticut, she earned a Master in Education, focusing on language arts at Eastern Connecticut State College.

Dotty previously served on the Nashua Board of Education from 1992-1995. She resumed her career in education in Nashua in 1997, working as a para-educator and then resumed her teaching career in 1999 at Amherst Street Elementary School. She has often spoken at Board of Education meetings advocating for students and their needs.

A strong supporter of public education, Dotty would like to work to reduce class size and ensure each student attending Nashua schools receives the best education possible. She believes the top priority of the District should be the students and the classroom and that budgetary decisions should be made with that priority in mind. She also would like to see communication improve for all stakeholders and believes there should be as much transparency as possible in decision-making.

Term Expires:  December 31, 2021
Address:  16 Cathedral Circle, Nashua, NH 03063-8772
Phone:  (603) 880-8772