george2.jpgI was educated in the public schools in the city where I grew up, in Medford, Massachusetts. After high school, I earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Boston State College with a major in Urban Studies and a minor and Anthropology. I also earned a Master of Science degree from the University of Massachusetts, (Boston campus), with a concentration in Urban Planning in 1983. I worked as an engineering aid conducting traffic counts and traffic data collection for engineering consultants early in my career, and subsequently as a Transportation Planner producing Site Impact and Access Studies for commercial and residential development. I have worked as a Transportation Planner for regional planning agencies for the past 25 years producing traffic corridor studies and Road Safety Audits. 

My wife and I moved our family to Nashua in 1999 and our two children have attended Nashua’s public schools. Our oldest graduated Nashua High School South in 2017, and our youngest currently attends Nashua High School South.

I believe in the common good and that our community is strengthened though inclusivity and diversity. I also believe in the Jeffersonian ideal that an educated society is a free society, and in the classical ideal that education should focus on building a sound mind and a sound body.

Our public school system is a legacy passed down to us from our forefathers, and we have an obligation to conserve this legacy for future generations. Nashua’s public school system is our community’s most important asset essential in creating sense of place and community identity.

Over many years and many generations, America’s public schools have democratized education, promising equal opportunity for all students from all socio-economic backgrounds. I am honored to have been chosen to bring my education, life experience, and skills to Nashua’s Board of Education to contribute toward conserving and improving our community’s most important asset, and to help ensure that each of Nashua’s students makes the most of the opportunities our public school system has to offer.

Term Expires:  December 31, 2021
Address:  59 Elgin Street, Nashua, NH 03060
Phone:  (603) 321-4583