Section G contains policies on all school employees except for the Superintendent (policies on the school chief are located in Section C, General School Administration). The category is divided into three main divisions: GB has policies applying to all school employees or to general personnel matters; GC refers to instructional and administrative staff; and GD refers to support and classified staff.
Policy Number Policy Date Name of Policy
GBAA 05/11/15 Sexual Discrimination and Harassment - Involving Staff
GBC 04/09/12 Approval of Salaries
GBCD 05/28/19 Background Investigation and Criminal Records Check
GBEA 08/22/16 Professional Ethics
     City of Nashua Ordinances: ethics guidelines
GBEB 04/29/19 Employee Conflict of Interest
     City of Nashua Ordinances: ethics guidelines
GBEBD 03/12/12 Communicating Electronically with Students
GBEC 05/09/11 Drug-Free Workplace/Drug-Free Schools
GBED 09/13/10 Tobacco-Free Workplace for Employees
GBJ 08/26/19 Personnel Files
GBJC 09/08/14 Staff Job Descriptions
GBK 08/13/18 Employee Complaints and Grievances
GBL 04/30/18 Separation From Employment Policy
GCCBC 09/12/11 Family and Medical Leave Act
GCF 04/13/15 Administrative and Supervisory Vacancies
GCFA 03/09/15 Election/Appointment of Personnel
GCGD 12/16/13 Hiring New Hampshire State Retirees
GCI 05/08/17 Professional Development
GCO 05/09/16 Evaluation of Professional Staff
GCOA 09/18/19 Evaluation of Athletic Coaches
GCOB 11/02/16 Evaluation of Extracurricular Advisors
GCQ 11/14/16 Dismissal, Non-Renomination, and Removal of Teachers
8210 01/27/97 Employee Work Schedules & Benefits
8215 12/19/94 Approved Staffing Levels
8217 01/27/97 Resignations
8218 02/13/95 Assignments and Transfers
8219 09/10/91 Retirement
8220 07/15/02 Related Employees
8220.1 08/19/02 Teachers Teaching Their Own Children
8227.1 03/31/03 Substitute Teachers
8235 10/30/89 Professional Day Notification
8240.2 02/09/81 Length of Service
8242.1 12/19/94 Medical Statement
8242.2 02/25/85 Extended Sick Leave for District-Wide, Unaffiliated, Full-time Administrative and/or Certificated Personnel
8249 02/09/81 Absences
8510   Program for Retention of Well Qualified Personnel