Section I contains policies on the instructional program:  basic curricular subjects, special programs, instructional resources, and academic achievement.
Policy Number Policy Date Name of Policy
IF 05/12/08 Instructional Approach
IFA 11/30/16 Instructional Needs of Students with Different Talents
IGE 08/13/18 Parental Objections to Specific Course Material
IHAK 05/12/08 Character and Citizenship Education
IHAM 10/12/10 Health Education and Exemption from Instruction
IHAM-R 10/12/10 Health Education and Exemption from Instruction: Opt-Out Form
IHBBA 09/29/08 Limited English Proficiency Instruction
IHBH 08/31/15 Extended Learning Opportunities
IHBI 08/31/15 Alternative Learning Plan
IHBI-R 08/31/15 Alternative Learning Plan Application
IHCD 05/29/18 Advanced Course Work/Advanced Placement Courses
IJ 05/12/08 Instructional Materials
IJ-R 05/12/08 Guidelines for Selecting Instructional Material Appendix
IJLA 05/26/09 Removal of Media Center Materials
IJNDB-R 02/29/16 Responsible Use Guidelines - Internet
IJO 11/02/16 Community Resources
IJOC 05/29/12 Volunteers
IJOC-R 09/18/19 Volunteer Assurances Form
IK 08/31/15 Earning of Credit
IKAA 08/31/15 Interdisciplinary Credit
IKB 10/14/08 Homework
IKC 02/29/16 Full-Time Student
IKE 09/29/09 Grade Promotion, Retention, and Acceleration of Students
IKE-R 09/29/09 Grade Promotion, Retention, and Acceleration of Students Appendix
IKF 02/27/17 High School Graduation
IKF-R 02/11/08 Core Diploma Application Form
IKFA 04/13/09 Early Graduation
IKFB 11/30/16 Adult Education - Program of Studies
IL 05/12/08 Evaluation of Instructional Programs
ILAA 06/19/19 Elementary Level Grouping Philosophy
ILBA 05/11/15 Assessment
ILBAA 05/11/15 High School Competency Assessments
ILBAA-R 08/31/15 Competency Assessment Regulations and Procedures
ILBAS 10/29/18 Statewide Assessments
ILD 08/13/18 Non-Educational Questionnaires, Surveys, and Research
IMAH 09/11/17 Health Education/Daily Physical Activity
IMBA 04/13/15 On-Line Education
IMBA-R 04/13/15 Online Alternative Credit Option Application
IMBC 04/13/15 Alternative Credit Options
IMBC-R 08/31/15 Alternative Credit Options, Process, Procedures, and Forms
IMBC-R 08/31/15 Alternative Credit Option Application
IMDA 11/20/19 Silent Meditation, Pledge of Allegiance, and Patriotic Exercises
IMGA 05/28/19 Service Animals
2120 02/09/04 Grade Level Organization
2210.1 05/31/05 Advertising in Curriculum and School Publications
2212 12/15/03 Free Exercise of Religion
2213 10/28/85 Addition of Curricula or Programs
2214 11/10/86 Program of Studies - Post Graduates
2217 10/15/02 Homework Policy
2230 10/28/02 Middle Level Education Policy
2260 03/30/87 Copyright Laws
2410 02/09/81 Guidance Services
2410.1 12/19/94 Elementary Guidance Services
2420 02/13/95 Use of Library/Information Centers