Q: Who manages vendor accounts?
A: Staff from the District accounts payable office manages vendor accounts and can be reached at 603.966.1000.
Q: Do I need prior authorization for school or classroom purchases?
A: Yes, all school-related or classroom-related purchases must be pre-approved by the school principal or related-office director.
Q: What is the time limit for submitting District- or school-approved purchase reimbursement forms?
A: All requests for reimbursement must be made within 30 days of purchase.  All receipts/proofs of purchase need to be signed and dated by the purchaser and accompanied by a completed reimbursement form.
Q: Can I accept a partial order or do I need to wait for a complete order?
A: Please accept ordered items as received, whether partial or complete.
Q: Who can answer questions about my paycheck?
A: If you have a question about your paycheck, please check with your school/office payroll clerk.  If you have a question about your rate of pay, please contact Dana O’Gara, Director of Human Resources, at 603.966.1002.  If you have a question about the number of personal, sick or vacation days accrued, please look at bottom, left-hand panel of your paycheck stub where all personal, sick, and vacation days are tallied.
Q: Where do I find business forms online, such as purchase order template, petty cash forms, and other business related forms?
A: The District Business Services Department has posted common-used forms online to the District Office Library.  Please click on business department forms.
Q: What is the current mileage reimbursement rate?
A: The District reimburses approved employees travel in personal vehicles to and from school-related meetings according to the IRS guidelines.  For the current reimbursement rate, please log the District Office Library for business department forms.