District Wellness Committee
                           Wellness Committee Membership
Robin Abodeely Chair of Wellness Committee
Nurse, Dr. Norman W. Crisp Elementary
Dahlia Daigle Director, NSD Food Services
Paule Ralph Site Coordinator, NSD Food Services
Christine Fitzgerald Pediatrician
Lila Monahan Pediatrician
Donna Fitzpatrick Assistant Superintendent of Schools
Charles Capetta Pediatrician, NSD Consultant
Kim Adie YMCA
Dorothy Oden Nashua Board of Education
Wanda Kennerson NH Healthy Families
Awilda Muniz UNH Cooperative Extension,
    Nutrition Educator
Michaela McMenamin Physical Education Teacher,
    Pennichuck Middle School
Lisa Bordeleau Site Coordinator, NSD Food Services
Kimberly Foster Parent, Bicentenial Elementary School
Meghan Bolton Nashua Soup Kitchen and Selter
Vilenky Rios Parent, Nashua High School North

Nashua School District Wellness Policy JLCF

2017 Wellness Committee Annual Report
2016 Wellness Committee Annual Report
2015 Wellness Committee Annual Report
2014 Healthy Smiles Report

Wellness Committee Meeting Minutes