Q: How will I know if the position has been filled? 
A:The posting will no longer appear on the list of vacancies on the employment page of our website.

Q: What if I applied for the position, will I know if I am being considered?  Are all applicants interviewed?
A: Hiring Administrators review applicants for positions, selecting those they wish to consider further for an interview. When you apply online and submit your application, you will receive a confirmation that we have your application on file. When you receive this confirmation, please be assured that hiring administrators can see your interest in a position.

Q: Can I send in or bring a paper application instead of or in addition to applying online?
A: We do not accept paper applications or resumes. All your application materials should be presented online. This allows the Hiring Administrator the ease and effectiveness of accessing all the applicants for a desired position in one centralized location, at available times during their school/work schedules to select those applicants for further consideration.

Q: If I applied on School Spring or EDJOBSNH, do I have to fill out an application with you as well?
A: We post our jobs on EDJOBSNH and other online sites.  While some provide us with your application materials, we do require you to complete our online application specifically for the Nashua School District vacancy. 

Q: If I am an applicant for more than one position, do I fill out a separate application for each one?
A: All applicants should have one application on file where you may apply for as many positions as you wish during the course of one or more years. When you establish an user name and password, you can access your application anytime and update it for new vacancies, include new work or college experience or attach additional documents.

Q: Should I apply for a particular position or for a pool of positions?
A: We strongly suggest that you apply for the particular position and in the category pool for that position. For example if you applied for a  kindergarten teacher or para-educator at Charlotte Ave, or a custodian or food service employee at Charlotte Ave, we recommend that you also apply in the kindergarten teacher, early childhood  teacher pool, or for any para-educator position at the elementary level or across instructional levels, or for other possible custodial positions.  Nashua has many internal transfer processes.  As positions are filled internally, new positions open up in other schools, grade levels, etc. When you apply in a pool, you can rest assured that you haven’t missed  a new vacancy.
Q: Who can apply as an internal candidate?

  • One of our teachers requesting a transfer outside of her/his designated area of teaching
  • A part-time teacher requesting a full-time position
  • A retiree
  • A substitute who has been an interim or continuing substitute in the school district
  • A teacher in the school district for an administrator position
Q: If I am a substitute and am applying for a permanent position or a para-educator applying for a teaching position, can I apply internally?
A: Please apply as an external applicant. Our internal application is designed for our staff who already have all their documents that they would otherwise attach to an application in their personnel file in Human Resources.

Q: If I need help with my application or understanding the process, who can I call?
A: Please contact HR at (603) 966-1000, option 5 for Human Resources

Q: Who should I speak to about eligibility to teach in New Hampshire?
A: Please contact the Bureau of Credentialing at the NH Department of Education in Concord NH.  
Q: If I am a financial institution seeking verification of employment, who should I contact?
A: Please contact HR at (603) 966-1000, option 5 for Human Resources. You will need a written release from the employee if you are requesting personnel /salary information about the employee. Releases may be faxed to the Human Resource at (603) 966-1053.