Q: How do I rent a space in one of the schools? 
A: Call Plant Operations at (603) 589-2780. You will then be directed to the District website location where you can access the facility calendar to see if the space is available. Ultimately you will have to sign a rental agreement at the Plant Operations office.

Q: How do I gain access to an athletic field? 
A: Email or call Lisa Gingras, Director of Athletics and Wellness, (603) 589-6601 to see if the field is in use or when  it will be available. If the Athletic Director indicates it is available, call Plant Operations to arrange the signing of a rental agreement.

Q: How do I volunteer to conduct some beautification project, either inside or outside a school?
A: Contact the Plant Operations Director and obtain a Volunteer form, which you will fill out to describe all activities you plan to do. Because the Plant Operations workforce is unionized, you cannot conduct any work that can be classified as bargaining unit work.

Q: How do I get on a bidder’s list for janitorial, trades or grounds supplies and services? 
A: Send your company’s business information, supply pricing and contact information to Shawn Smith, Director, Plant Operations.