Q: Who do I call about my X2 password? 
A: Please contact the front office staff at your home school.  A secretary can assist you with general X2 login and password questions.
Q: I am a District employee and a parent.  Can I access X2 from both home and work? 
A: X2, the District’s student information database, is accessible from both home and work at:  https://x2.nashua.edu/aspen/logon.do
Q: How do I login to my school email account from home? 
A: Our staff email service is provided through Microsoft Exchange (Outlook).  From with the District, Outlook is available on your programs link.  From home, Outlook is accessible using the following link: 
Q: How do I sign up for workshop? 
A: The X2 Tasks widget is used for signing up for workshops and submitting Professional Visitation Request forms.  It is accessible using the following link:  http://x2.nashua.edu/aspen/logon.do
Q: As an employee, how do I request tech support?
A: Login into X2 and click on Help and then, from there, click on Report a Problem.  The report will generate a problem ticket, which will be reviewed and resolved by a member of the Technology Department.  Click here for help desk tips.
Q: Where can I find information on Nashua Google Accounts for both students and staff? 
A: Students and staff are issued Nashua Google accounts:
  Elementary Middle High
Student Accounts Students have grade level accounts Students have unique accounts Students have unique accounts
Google: Google Apps for Education N/A Gmail can be enabled with parent permission Gmail is enabled by default
Naviance: a comprehensive college and career planning program N/A Students Grade 6-8 will use this program starting in the 2013-2014 school year Students Grade 9-12
iReady: an online, adaptive diagnostic assessment Students grades K-5 Students grade 6-8 Students Grade 9
Discovery Education Streaming: content specific curriculum resources/videos Students have grade level accounts Students have unique accounts Students have unique accounts
Type to Learn: a typing tutorial for students Students grade 1-5 Students grade 6-8 N/A