The Technology Committee is chaired by the Director of Technology and serves to provide input on the District’s Technology decisions. It reviews Technology needs and provides budgetary input, develops our Technology three year plan. Members of this committee gather feedback from their schools.

Technology Committee Members

    ♦ Rick Farrenkopf - Director of Technology
    ♦ Jen Grantham - Technology Teacher Coach of Grades K-8


    ♦ Jahmal Mosley - Superintendent
    ♦ Donna Fitzpatrick - Assistant Superintendent

  Elementary Schools Representation
    ♦ Jen Scarpati - Principal of Amherst Street Elementary School 
    ♦ Katie Saad - Assistant Principal of Birch Hill Elementary School
    ♦ Lorenzo Arrandando - Teacher of Dr. Crisp Elementary School
    ♦ Mike O’Dell - Teacher of Main Dunstable Elementary School  
    ♦ Tanya Ackerman - Teacher of Fairgrounds Elementary School
    ♦ Jessica Wojcik - Title 1 Pre-School
    ♦ Cynthia Proulx - Director of Tilte 1 Pre-School

  Middle Schools Representation
    ♦ Jason Tesini - Assistant Principal of Pennichuck Middle School
    ♦ Jocelyn Kauffman - Technology Integration Specialist of Pennichuck Middle School
    ♦ Kristine Smith - Librarian of Elm Street Middle School
    ♦ Mary Foran - Teacher of Fairgrounds Middle School

  High Schools Representation

    ♦ Nick Audley - Assistant Principal of Nashua High School South
    ♦ Nate Burns - Interim Principal of Nashua High School North
    ♦ Jennifer Campo - High School Technology Integration Specialist  
    ♦ Naomi Hall - Teacher of Nashua High School South
    ♦ Leslie Anton - Teacher Nashua High School North

  Department of Special Education Representation

    ♦ Marcia Bagley - Assistant Director of Special Education
    ♦ Alesa Cunningham - Office Manager of Special Education

  Department of Information Technology Representation

    ♦ Steve Wante - Technology Department Network Administrator
    ♦ Susan Wilborg - Technology Department Office Manager
    ♦ Ian Harvey - Technology Application Support/Developer