Q: Can the bus stop at my house?
A: Because we transport more than 8,000 students each school day , door-to-door service is impossible.  Bus stops are located in neighborhoods to accommodate multiple students.  We try to have the students walk a reasonable distance to the stops and generally do not add multiple stops in a single neighborhood.

Q: What is First Students phone number?
A: (603) 883-0251
Q: What if I lost an item on the bus?
A: Please call First Student to locate a lost item.

Q: How do I purchase a High school bus pass?
A: High school bus passes can be pre-purchased each summer by mail or purchased at the school during registration periods in August.

Q: Can my Kindergarten student receive transportation?
A: The Nashua School District does not provide transportation for kindergarten students.

Q: Can my child use another bus?
A: We do allow middle and elementary school students to ride another bus if space is available.  High school students must ride their own bus.