The following instructions are posted at the front of every school bus. Please be sure that your child knows and follows these instructions:
  1. Stand off the roadway while awaiting the bus.
  2. Keep your seat at all times when bus is moving.
  3. Keep arms and head inside windows.
  4. Walk 10 feet in front of the bus. Wait for drivers signal before crossing road.
  5. Unnecessary conversation with the driver is dangerous. Please remain quiet.
  6. Outside of ordinary conversation, classroom conduct is to be observed.
  7. Absolute silence is required at all railroad crossings.
  8. The driver is in full charge of the bus and pupils. Pupils must obey the driver.
  9. The driver has the right to assign pupils to certain seats if necessary to promote order on the bus.
  10. No eating, drinking or smoking allowed on the bus.
  11. Pupils must be on time; the bus cannot wait for those who are tardy.
Riding the bus is a privilege. Do not abuse it.