Space available tickets are available where routes have been established and there are empty seats on the bus.
Click here to download a Space Available Form also available at school sites.
When applying for this service, the following policies apply:

1. Transportation staff will make decisions concerning approval once load count information becomes available from school bus operators, normally after October 15th of each year. Implementation of Seat Availability approvals will not normally occur before November of each year.
2. Applications for and approval of service shall be for the current school year only
3. Students approved for transportation under this provision are required to meet the bus at existing bus stops. School bus routes will not be altered to accommodate seat availability approvals.
4. In reviewing applications, the Transportation Department will consider only the route(s) currently servicing a student’s neighborhood.
5. Students from outside of a school’s attendance boundary are not eligible to access bus routes under the Seat Availability provision.
6. Approval of transportation service may be withdrawn at any time.