The Nashua School District provides daily transportation for elementary students who live more than one mile from their neighborhood school, and for middle school and high school students who live more than two miles from their neighborhood school.
Eligible high school students pay a semester or annual fee for transportation. Exceptions to these distances are made if there are unique safety concerns in a student’s walking route.

Elementary and middle school students who are eligible for transportation will receive tickets in the mail. High school students may purchase bus tickets either through their registration process at Nashua High School North or Nashua High School South just prior to the opening of school, or through the Transportation Department located at the Berard Masse School Administration Building, 141 Ledge Street, Nashua during the school year.

The District contracts for transportation services with First Student, a leading school bus transportation firm. Safety in transporting students is the first concern for both the District and our transportation provider. Nationally, the transportation of children on school buses is one of the safest forms of transportation available.

Maintaining good student behavior on the bus is critical to ensuring the safety of all students, and bus drivers and school administrators are charged with taking appropriate disciplinary actions if students do not follow the directions of the driver. We ask parents to reinforce with their children the importance of following the rules on the bus and listening to the directions of the bus driver.

Should you have questions or concerns regarding school transportation or safe walking routes at any time during the year, please contact your school office or the District’s Transportation Department at (603) 966-1055.

To lookup the school that you child will be attending based on the street where you live, use School Lookup.