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The District Attendance Policy

The Nashua School District recognizes that regular school attendance is essential to meeting the educational needs of all students.  Regular daily punctual attendance is the responsibility of every student, every parent, every teacher, and every administrator every day.  School attendance is also a legal requirement for all students from age six until age 18.  A pattern of absenteeism/tardiness may cause a child to feel overwhelmed and frustrated by the demands of trying to keep up.  Excessive absenteeism negatively impacts the learning process.  Regular attendance promotes confidence and improved academic performances in children.  

Absences related to illness, medical appointments and religious holidays are considered "excused".  Prolonged absence due to illness requires a note from your health care provider when your child returns to school. Missed homework will be provided after three days of absence.  All missed work may be made up upon the child's return.  

Absences related to family vacations and travel are considered "unexcused".  After 15 consecutive days of unexcused absences, the student's enrollment status will be in jeopardy.  Upon return, parents are welcome to re-enroll students in the school, however, placement in the same classroom is not guaranteed.  Homework is not provided in advance, however, missed assignments may be made up upon return.     

If a child is going to be absent, a parent should call the office at 966-1760 and leave a message giving the child's name, the teacher, and the reason for the absence.  This call should occur prior to 8 AM.  Families of students recorded as absent, with no call made to notify the school by 10 AM, will receive an automated parent call indicating that the child is not in attendance.