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Make it a PAWsitive Day with PAWsitive Bobcat Pride!
The PAWsitive Behavior Intervention and Incentive Program support learning by establishing a positive environment where students can work to their potential.  The PAWsitive Program was adopted by Bicentennial in 2016.  The focus is on promoting appropriate behavior in all areas of the school.  Positive behavior and acts of kindness are acknowledged and celebrated. The PAWsitive Behavior Program is based on three basic behavioral expectations:    
Be Responsible
Be Respectful
Be Safe

The school pledge, founded on these three expectations is recited daily during Morning Announcements:
I will make my day pawsitive.
I will be responsible for my choices.   
I will be respectful to all people and property.
I will be safe in my actions.
Click on the links for more information:

Pawsitive Behavior Brochure
Bathroom Behavior Chart
Cafeteria Behavior Chart
Hallway Behavior Chart
Playground Behavior Chart
Classroom Behavior Chart