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Before and Afer School Programs
Before School Programs:

The Breakfast program is housed in the Birch Hill cafeteria and is for students in Grades K-5.  Children may be dropped off no earlier than 8:40am as there is no staff on duty before that time.  Breakfast is served at 8:45am.  The current charge is $1.25 per meal and the student must eat breakfast.  The breakfast fee will be deducted from your student's food service account.  No registration is needed for this program.

The Adult Learning Center Adventure Club also runs a morning program.  Start time is 6:30am.  Please call the center for more information at (603) 882-9080.

After School Programs:

The Adult Learning Center Adventure Club
Contact:  (603)882-9080

This after school program is housed at Birch Hill School but run by the Adult Learning Center.  It is for students in Grades K through 5.  The program is open until 6:00pm.  Please contact them if you need more info or for an application form.