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Broad Street Elementary School Health Office
Marsha Peterson, RN
School Nurse

Every child deserves to be fit and healthy to gain maximum benefit from their education. Please take a few minutes to note some very important information that will help me provide the best care and services for you and your child. You may also view the school district’s health policy in your Student/Parent Handbook.

All students enrolled in Nashua schools must fulfill the immunization requirements in accordance to NH State law. A report of a physical exam is also required upon entrance to school. You may also link to the State of NH for immunization requirements.
Immunization Information 2019-2020

The New Hampshire Department of Helath and Human Services highly encouragesthat when your child turns 11 years old, they receives a Tdap vaccination.  The New Hampshire State Immunization Laws require this immunization be received prior to the start of 7th grade. 

GOOD NUTRITION FEEDS HEALTHY LEARNING! Making sure your child starts their day with a healthy breakfast is important. Breakfast provides your body and brain with energy it needs to be healthy, to grow and to learn! Snack-time is also an important part of your child's day, please be sure to provide your child with a nutritious snack each day. The Nashua School District has adopted a Wellness Policy as directed by the Federal and State Department of Education.  Please click on the link below to view the policy.
Nashua School District Health and Wellness Policy

Healthy Snack Ideas

Medication Policy
I am happy to assist students who need medications at school. All medication must be brought to the school by a parent, guardian, or designated adult; a child may not bring their own medication to school. All medication must be in the original container clearly labeled with a pharmacy label. A written doctor's order is also required. Medication, both prescription and over the counter, requires written consent from the parent or guardian (please see Hold Harmless Forms below). All doctor's orders and Hold Harmless Forms must be renewed annually.

Student Illness and Injury
We make every effort to safeguard your child's health at school. To insure optimum care, it is important to update the school of any changes in your child's health, new phone numbers, new medications or anything else that may impact your child's well being while at school.

Gym and Recess Excuses
No student will be excused from gym or recess unless a directive is received from the child's physician indicating that due to recent illness or injury the student should not participate.

Control of Communicable Diseases
Your child's health is important to me. Hygiene and good health habits are encouraged and emphasized throughout the year. Please call me whenever you are not certain about sending your child to school. School is no place for a sick child. The learning process is compromised and other students are placed at a potential risk by exposure to that child's illness. Students should not come to school if they are experiencing a fever of 100 degrees F or higher, diarrhea, vomiting, rash, deep cough or a communicable disease such as strep throat, impetigo or conjunctivitis. First aid and medical care provided by the school nurse are primarily for sudden illnesses, chronic health conditions, an injury that occurs during the school day, or for treatment as directed by the family physician.

Health Forms

Food Allergy Action Plan
Prescription Medication Hold Harmless Form
Over the Counter Medication Hold Harmless Form