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Dr. Norman W. Crisp Elementary School
Library Media Center

Welcome to the Dr. Crisp Elementary School Library Media page!

The Library Media Center contains more than 10,000 books for use by all students and faculty at the school. Students attend weekly library classes and learn how to be responsible book users, how to make the best book selections for independent reading, and how to become effective and ethical researchers using our shelved and online reference materials.

Mr. Hynes, Library Media Specialist

During the month of  February 2017, students
  • Grades kindergarten to 1 will be practicing their listening skills, listening to stories being read by Mr. Hynes, listening to audio books, and watching video presentations from Reading Rainbow
  • Grade 2 will be listening to the chaper book The Chicken Squad, and following the adventures of four baby chick sleuths
  •  Grades 3 and 4 will be learning how to effectively use dictionaries
  • Grade 5 will be using the genre as a research source