The Nashua School District curriculum follows the New Hampshire Department of Education established frameworks for each academic discipline, serving all students, including special needs students, highly capable students, and English language learners. Our curriculum is designed and developed to enhance each student’s intellectual and creative problem-solving abilities, and to instill know-how and confidence.

For more information on curriculum, please email a member of our curriculum team:
Garth McKinney, Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Schools
Donna Fitzpatrick, Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Schools

Teacher Coaches
Paula Papanicolaou, Peer Coach
Diane Vienneau, Peer Coach
Deborah Murray, Literacy Teacher Coach (K-5)
Crista Burrel and Megan Duprat, Math Teacher Coach (K-5)
Caitlin Porpiglia, Math Teacher Coach (K-5)
Monica Tino, Science Teacher Coach (K-5)
Anne Altman, Technology Teacher Coach (K-8)
Lisa Janosik, Science Teacher Coach (Grades 6-8)
Joanne Johnson, Humanities Teacher Coach (Grades 6-8)

Kindergarten through Grade 12 Curriculum Team Members
Meghan Durden and Angela Walsh, Art
Thomas Souza, Music
Russ Cardin and Jason Robie, Health and Physical Education
Sharon Flesher-Duffy, Library Media

Secondary Curriculum Team Members
James Brown, Director of Guidance, North
Lori Coutu, Director of Guidance, South
Michael Mcquilkin, Co-Director, Nashua Technology Center, South
Amanda Bastoni, Co-Director, Nashua Technology Center, North
Laurie Rothhaus, Director (interim), Adult and Community Education

Middle School Curriculum Liasions, Elm Street Middle School
Carri Burns, English/Language Arts
Catherine Belanger, Mathematics
Deneen Robie, Social Studies
Linda Lennon, Science 

Middle School Curriculum Liaisons, Fairgrounds Middle School
Roberta Flanagan, English/Language Arts
Natalie Laflamme, Mathematics
Maria Dominguez-Diaz, Social Studies
Gary Hoffman, Social Studies
Sue Rowse, Science

Middle School Curriculum Liaisons, Pennichuck Middle School
Gary Stoncius, English/Language Arts
Chelsea Huckins, Mathematics
Frank Santorsa, Social Studies
Monica Tino, Science

Guidance Liaisons
TBA, Middle Schools 
Gabe Araneo, Elementary Schools

North Head Teachers
Samantha McElroy, English/Language Arts
James Graham, Mathematics
Ami Rich, Social Studies
Samantha Bencivenga, Science
Susan Chmura, Special Education
Leslie Anton, World Languages
Christopher Knoetig, Career and Technical Education

South Head Teachers
Susan Rourke, English/Language Arts
Kellie Gabriel, Mathematics
Naomi Hall, Science
Alice Regneri, Social Studies
Ann Wagner, Special Education
Jayne Wing, World Languages
Kathryn Tremblay, Career and Technology Education