These are some guidelines to help you get the most out of the Data Dashboard.

Grey Bar Section:

Orange Section

This section lists the additional categories in each report.  Some reports do not list any additional categories. 

NECAP report does use this section quite extensively.  The Sections are broken down as follows:

Top Level - The top levels are for the type of school either Elementary School, Middle School or High School

Second Level starts with the different types of NECAP Reports (Math, Reading, Science, Writing) followed by each school in the level.  Click on any of the 4 NECAP report types to compare the
different schools within a Level.  To further see more detail for each school, click on the specific school listed after the 4 types of NECAP reports.

Graph Section

This section displays the specific data selected.  The parts of the graph include Title, Graph, Data points within Graph, and Legend.

Table Section

This section displays the data that makes up the graph.