Q. Can my organization hang a poster or distribute a flyer at the schools?      
A. The Superintendent of Schools, or his/her designee, may approve communications from community-based organizations when he/she feels it is in the best interest of students and/or parents. The request, and a copy of the flyer or poster, should be sent to Stacy Hynes, Director of Communications, Masse School Administration Building, 141 Ledge Street, Nashua.
Q. Is there all-day kindergarten in Nashua? Can I put my child into one of the all-day kindergarten programs?
A. Currently, five of our schools have full-day kindergarten programs: Amherst Street Elementary, Dr. Crisp Elementary, Fairgrounds Elementary, Ledge Street Elementary, and Mt. Pleasant Elementary. Only children who live in those five neighborhoods may attend those all-day kindergarten programs. All other kindergarten programs are half-day programs, morning or afternoon.

Q: How do I contact the school principal? 
A: Click here to get contact information for principals.