A school nurse is available to students at each school in the Nashua School District.  Services include:
  • illness and injury assessment
  • first aid
  • medicine administration during the school day
  • chronic medical condition management
  • vision, and posture screening on an as needed basis with follow-up
  • maintains cumulative health records, including monitoring vaccinations
  • general health/wellness education
  • collaborative with local, regional, and state health agencies
  • referrals and help to access out-of-school medical care
  • assistance with health insurance for children and families
The demand for their services is great. More than 100,000 visits to our nurses was documented last year, including more than 50,000 visits at the 12 elementary schools; 30,000 visits at the three middle schools; and 20,000 visits at both Nashua High School North and Nashua High School South.
Each student in the District needs support and we greatly appreciate our school nurses’ dedication to their work. Here below is a list of the registered nurses serving our schoolchildren.

Amherst Street Elementary School 
Patricia McMahon, RN
Trisha Turner, LPN

Bicentennial Elementary School  
Suzanne Locke, RN

Birch Hill Elementary School  
Kathy Speidel, RN

Broad Street Elementary School  
Marsha Peterson, RN

Charlotte Avenue Elementary School 
Jocelyn Kudla, RN

Dr. Crisp Elementary School  
Roberta Abodeely, RN

Fairgrounds Elementary School  
Mary Ellen Gould, RN

Ledge Street Elementary School  
Tracey Goyette, RN

Main Dunstable Elementary School 
Lindsey Anderson, RN

Mt. Pleasant Elementary School  
Karin O’Donnell, RN

New Searles Elementary School  
Deborah Richardson, RN

Sunset Heights Elementary School 
Patricia Bedinger, RN

Elm Street Middle School   
Jeanamarie Lopez-Carrasco, RN and District-wide Head Nurse
Shoba Jacob, LPN

Fairgrounds Middle School  
Tara Ludwig, RN
Patricia Graf, RN, District-wide Float Nurse

Pennichuck Middle School  
Shawna Clifton, RN

Nashua High School North  
Krista Provost-Tate, RN
Kayla O'Brien, RN

Nashua High School South  
Joanna Dillon, RN
Donna Woods, RN