For Staff

Our school and office staffs are important, creating a positive and lasting impact on our school communities, colleagues, and students. We encourage you to utilize information on our website to keep you up to date on school and school district news.

To help you keep current, please review editions of iNews for Employees, which will be posted below over the course of the school year as they are published.

For a look back, click here for a compilation of editions of iNews for Employees published during the 2018-2019 school year.

iNews for Employees 1 10 2020
   Nashua Board of Education 2020
   SPED SEAT Newsletter: January 2020
   Job Opportunities
   Southern NH Health Generously Donates Winter Outerwear
   Curriculum Chronicle
   South Kitchen Mural Preview: Brooke Flanagan '22 Creation

iNews for Employees 12 20 2019
   Holiday Greetings from Dr. Mosley
   City IT Newsletter: December 2019 Edition
   Job Opportunities
   Curriculum Chronicle: December 17 edition
   Mayor's Winter Reading Challenge Begins Today
   Click Here to View Nashua ETV Schedule of Holiday Concerts

iNews for Employees 12 16 2019
   Santa Fund Concert Snow Date: Wednesday, December 18

iNews for Employees 12 13 2019
   Middle School Project FAQs
   Santa Fund Concert: December 17 and 19
   Federal School Loan Scam Warning
   Job Opportunities
   Dependent Care Enrollment Ends Today
   Curriculum Chronicle: Week of December 9 Edition
   United Way of Greater Nashua Campaign 2020
   Special Needs Support

iNews for Employees 12 6 2019
   Snow Days and School Days
   SPED SEAT Newsletter: December 2019
   Tutors Needed
   United Way Campaign 2020 Reminder
   Anthem Wellness Newsletter: December 2019
   Job Opportunities
   Dependent Care Signup Due Next Friday
   NH Presidential Primary: Tuesday, February 11
   Result of Health Insurance Plan Loss Ratio Analysis
   Deck the Halls at City Hall

iNews for Employees 11 22 2019
   Dependent Care Accounts: Time to Enroll
   News from the Curriculum Office
   Jr. ROTC Places at Drill Competition
   City of Nashua IT Newsletter
   Fairgrounds Middle School Awarded $25K Grant
   North Presents Once Upon a Mattress
   Panther Players Present Game of Tiaras
   Job Opportunities
   Turkey Bowl 2019 Under the Lights
   Nashua ETV Excels
   Safety Training Update​

iNews for Employees 11 15 2019
   Middle School Project: Building New School
   NH Code of Conduct for Educational Professionals
   STEM Discovery Lab for Educators
   City of Nashua Nutritional Seminars
   Job Opportunities
   Turkey Bowl 2019 Under the Lights
   United Way Campaign 2020
   SmartShopper Raffle

iNews for Employees 11 8 2019
   Student Behavior Task Force Questionnaires
   United Way Campaign 2020
   Job Opportunities
   South Plays for Volleyball Championship
   Screening of Intelligent Lives: Thursday, November 14
   The Power of Connection: An Introduction to Suicide Prevention

iNews for Employees 11 1 2019
   SPED SEAT Newsletter: November 2019
   Project SEARCH Art Show
   Paraprofessional Press: November 2019
   Middle School Project
   Job Opportunities
   NPOG Workshop: Parent-to-Parent wth Lori Rogers
   City of Nashua Risk Management Newsletter

iNews for Employees 10 31 2019
   Final Preparations for Election/PD Day

iNews for Employees 10 25 2019
   Middle School Project: Conceptual Designs Unveiled
   Job Opportunities
   Secondary School Curriculum Newsletter
   City of Nashua Technology News

iNews for Employees 10 18 2019
   Election/PD Day: Tuesday, November 5
   Job Opportunities
   Phase 2 Safety Training: Thursday, October 23

iNews for Employees 10 11 2019
   November 5 Election/PD Day: Registration through Frontline PG
   Operation Safe Stop: Monday, October 21
   Job Opportunities
   Phase 2 Safety Training: Final Offering

iNews for Employees 10 10 2019
   Staff News

iNews for Employees 10 9 2019
   Acting Principal and Assistant Principal at Elm Street Middle School

iNews for Employees 10 4 2019
   SPED SEAT Newsletter: October 2019
   Reminder: NPOG Workshop on Executive Functioning
   Job Opportunities
   Battle of the Bridge This Weekend

iNews for Employees 9 27 2019
   BOE/NTU/ Match Program Launches October 8
   Job Opportunities
   Health Care Insurance Program Reminders

iNews for Employees 9 20 2019
   NSD Strategic Plan: First Year Action Items
   Lisa Gingras: NH Athletic Director of the Year
   Flu/Wellness Clinic: Tuesday, October 8
   NHRS Annual Statement Available
   Nashua Parent Outreach Group: Executive Functioning Workshop
   Resilience: A Documentary about the Biology of Stress
   Greater Nashua Public Health Annual Meeting:
            Focus on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)​

iNews for Employees 9 5 2019
   New Administrative Team at Pennichuck Middle School
   Congratulations to our 2019 NEFie Awardees
   SPED SEAT Newsletter: September 2019 Edition

iNews for Employees 8 26 2019
     Strategic Plan and the Shift to Whole Child:
          Watch the SP Video and Watch Nashua ETV's Production of the
          August 23 All Staff Meeting
     Job Opportunities
     Technology Newsletter

iNews for Employees 8 23 2019
     About The Plan...view video

iNews for Employees 8 21 2019
     All-Staff Meeting Scheduled Friday, August 23
     2019-2020 Payroll Schedule
     Nashua Goes Back to School: Tomorrow, August 22
     Job Opportunities
     Anthem Partners with SmartShopper and Mobile Health

iNews for Employees 8 16 2019
     Welcome Back from Dr. Mosley!

iNews for Employees 8 2 2019
   New Adminstrator Team at Amherst Street Elementary School

iNews for Employees 7 19 2019
   New Administrator Announced
   2019-2020 Payroll Schedule
   Only HR Manages Direct Deposit Requests
   Job Opportunities
   Extended City Pool Hours This Weekend