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Five new Nashua Board of Education members were sworn in at the City of Nashua Inauguration, Sunday, January 5 at Nashua HS North. Jennifer Bishop, Jessica Brown, Sharon Giglio, Paula Johnson, and Sandra Ziehm join Raymond Guarino, Dorothy Oden, Heather Raymond, and Gloria Timmons as members of the Board.

At the Tuesday, January 7 meeting, the first meeting of the new calendar year, Board members voted and re-elected Heather Raymond and Ray Guarino as President and Clerk of the Board, respectively, for the 2020 Board.

Congratulations to Stephen Norris, Class of 2021 of Nashua HS North, and Joshua Gao, Class of 2022 of Nashua HS South. Both were elected to represent their respective schools as the student representatives to the Board.