About Us
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About Us

Nashua High School North opened in 2002 to house sophomores and similarly housed juniors and seniors in 2003 while the original Nashua Senior High School was razed and rebuilt in two distinct phases. In 2004 Nashua North welcomed its first true freshman class, one that would make history as being the first class of students to graduate from Nashua North after spending four full years at the high school. Since that time five classes of Titans, almost 2500 young men and women, have donned the blue and white at graduation ceremonies and gone on to attend college, enlist in the military or enter a career of their choosing. In all cases, the dream of preparing college and career ready graduates through a rigorous and relevant academic experience has come true and the tradition continues to grow today. 

We believe that every student who walks through the doors of this school should feel as if it were built just for them – the concept isn’t that hard to embrace! Our teachers are fighting for their attention by personalizing the approach to instruction, maximizing real world opportunities for learning, and challenging the status quo when it comes to engaging and innovative classroom practices. Nashua North staff members are held to the highest expectations because we really do believe it is a privilege to be in front of these children. Our families are as diverse in their learning and backgrounds as any urban high school community in the nation and we work very hard to be able to provide the best experience for each. Our parents are our partners in their children’s education and we utilize the relationships we forge to surround each student with the support they need to be successful. It is a strong team approach and one we continue to strengthen. 

I invite you to explore our website and seek answers to any questions that you may have about Nashua North. Our site has been completely re-developed by students. All of the writing, photography and layout was created and brought online by a student team and will continue to be student-driven. Our school is about helping each student grow into the person they want to become, a vision that has led us to step away from the traditional “chalk and talk” instruction and provide real world opportunities to learn. A learning project such as this website is testimony to the fact that our approach is working, and we will continue to refine it and help students become more comfortable as they move toward more independent learning. I am proud of our students and the work they complete, and I believe in the people who help them complete it. Enjoy your visit! 

We are Nashua North, and we are Titan Strong. 

Principal Nathan Burns