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E Block:  An Introduction
View E Block presentation here.
E-Block is to be used to provide additional time during the school day for students to seek support and/or enrichment. The 35 minute E-Block during the middle of the day will allow:
  • students to be engaged in their high school experience including academic co-curricular and extra-curricular activities
  • students who need extra help to receive it without sacrificing important  responsibilities after school
  • students who must reclaim credit or recover a course competency the time to do so with guidance from their classroom teachers
  • students who are freshmen to participate in Mentoring and Advisory Time (MAT) beginning 2014
  • students identified in special education regular access to their case managers
  • all active and monitored ELL status students regular access to their case mangers
  • teachers to pre-schedule their own students for remedial sessions (these teacher scheduled sessions will not be overridden by students)
A team of two E-Block teachers will support and guide the planning and scheduling of twenty-five students during the course of the week. Eventually students will manage the scheduling of this time on their own and seek advice as needed.
All teachers will be encouraged to offer both enrichment opportunities– offerings for the purpose of supplementing or enhancing student performance in an academic subject or an extra-curricular activity, and workshops –  offerings designed to engage students beyond the typical course content, such as career seminars, guest speakers, or “how to do something” activities.